Motorcycle Insurance

While owning a motorcycle can bring so much joy, it is no secret that, like many things in this life, it comes with risks. The National Safety Council statistics state that in the U.S., a motorcycle accident involving bodily injury occurs every 6 minutes.

Another topic that we all don’t like to think about, Theft is something motorcycle owners also need to keep in mind. Motorcycle theft is not uncommon unfortunately and only 20-25% of motorcycles that are stolen are ever found which is just another reason why having insurance is so important!

If you believe motorcycle insurance is “wasted” expense, think again: Insurance is more about taking control over the possible risks ahead above any thing else. The reality is, without insurance, any one accident could drain your finances or your means to pay medical expenses for your family or yourself.

Our agency wants to protect that from ever being the case for our clients. We take care of you by making sure you have the coverage you need and for a price that works best for you.

What Are Your Coverage Options?

While the state requires the minimal liability limits, there are many other add-on coverages to consider for better protecting yourself that are reasonably priced and will give you peace of mind.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Combining liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage ensures you have the protection to cover the expenses incurred for the other parties involved and also any financial loss to yourself caused by other parties.


Both Collision and Comprehensive coverages allow you to repair any damages you may have as a result of an accident that you are at fault for or damages resulting from non-traffic accident situations. These coverages allow you to only pay out of pocket your deductible amount versus the full repair cost.

Roadside Assistance
Accessories Coverage 
Total Loss Coverage 
Rental Vehicle Coverage 
Trip Interruption Coverage 

When You Need the Best Motorcycle Insurance

You can trust our agency when you need to make a decision on insurance for your motorcycle. As an independent company, we are not tied to just one insurance company. We have several A+ rated insurance carriers we can shop with, to make sure you get the very best Motorbike Insurance and the lowest premiums. We also offer a number of insurance discounts, such as:

Reduced fees for Harley Davidson bikes
LoJack discount
Safety course discount
Motorbike endorsement discount
Discount for homeowner insurance or other vehicles

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