Auto Insurance

The Importance of Car Insurance

Besides the legal repercussions of not complying with existing insurance laws, not carrying auto insurance can be detrimental to you and your family’s future.  But what many law-abiding and well intentioned people don’t know is being underinsured can jeopardize one’s future as well. State laws mandate the minimum allowed liability limits but those are all too often well below the coverage necessary to protect against financial hardship. With the rise in cost of vehicle repairs and medical expenses, higher liability limits are paramount in providing the blanket of protection needed to safeguard your financial well being. Those that have experienced an automobile accident certainly understand the need for well rounded insurance protection to mitigate the monetary and injury risks.  Our team at Kilgro & Associates has extensive experience and training to better help our clients prepare for the many risks associated with owning and operating a motor vehicle.

Types of Coverage

It is commonplace in the insurance industry for agents to ask if you want “full coverage” or just “liability” for your automobile. But what does that really mean? Well, it can actually mean several different things!  When talking about liability Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Medical Payments, and Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury all apply. Bodily Injury covers any injuries to the other party you are responsible for causing in an accident.  Property Damage takes care of any damage to other people’s property for which you are deemed liable. Medical Payments can be used for any medical expenses you or your passengers incur during an accident. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury gives you the added relief from other drivers not being properly insured or not insured at all. If you or your passengers are injured in an automobile accident due to another under/uninsured person’s negligence UMBI will cover the medical expenses for which they lack proper coverage. Despite auto insurance being mandated by law, there are many uninsured vehicles operated on the roadways every day. Bodily Injury and Property Damage are the only coverages mandated by state law, but Medical Payments and Uninsured Motorist BI are vital in providing a broad blanket of coverage for the litany of possible circumstance.  When you enter discussions pertaining to full coverage Comprehensive and Collision coverages become the focal point. Comprehensive coverage guards against what is commonly called “acts of god”: hail damage, tornado, tree limbs falling, collision with an animal, etc. Collision, on the other hand, is pretty self explanatory. It covers the many types of auto accidents: backing into a mailbox, hitting a utility pole, collisions with other automobiles, etc. Roadside Assistance, Rental Reimbursement, Accident/Violation Forgiveness, and OEM endorsements are policy level coverages that can be added for an additional premium. Call Kilgro & Associates today to discuss what you can do to obtain comprehensive auto insurance coverage at an affordable premium.

How Do They Decide What I Pay

The cost of your insurance coverage will be derived from a large number of factors. Insurance rates can vary widely from person to person.  Whether or not you have maintained continuous coverage for a lengthy period will be considered. If you have chosen higher liability limits instead of the state required minimum will also play a significant part. When choosing Comprehensive and Collision coverage for your vehicle, you will decide on a deductible (what you are willing to be responsible for out of pocket before insurance will pay for repairs). The higher the deductible you choose the lower your premium will be and vice versa. If you are willing to pay more out of pocket in the event of a loss, your insurance company will offer you cheaper premiums.  Bundling your other insurance needs with the same company that covers your autos will ensure a substantial discount as well.

Age Plays a Part

Teenage Drivers are costly to insure! But at Kilgro & Associates we’ve been helping clients find affordable solutions for parents with new drivers.  We have carriers available that specialize in the specific concerns that go along with a teenage driver taking control of the wheel.

The Make and Model

The make and model of your car can be a significant factor in your auto insurance rate. Does your vehicle have a high-powered engine? Is your automobile more likely to attract the attention of car thieves?  What safety features does your vehicle contain? These are just a few of the many model specific questions that will play a role in the determination of your rate.

Marital Status

Statistically speaking, married drivers tend to be in fewer automobile accidents than single drivers.  Therefore, married drivers also tend to get better auto insurance rates than those for single people.

Other Factors

Auto insurance companies look a variety of things when determining your auto premium. Your driving record, your insurance history, and your credit score will all play a major role.

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